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Mr.Eats305 Branding

Mr.Eats305 was an Instagram page created in 2016, by George Arango, with the goal of helping locals and tourists alike discover delicious food spots & “go-to” destinations. His passion for food began with his grandmother's Cuban cooking and expanded through exploring Miami's melting pot of cuisines. Mr.Eats has given George a way to help his audience find cool spots to visit and discover new food, products, and activities to enjoy. Since the start of this page, Mr.Eats 305 has grown to be a trusted page with a large following.

His brand was mainly represented by him as a person but he felt the need to properly give it an identity that represented Mr.Eats and could be easily identified by his audience. The goal was to create a visual identity that represented George, was easily and uniquely identifiable, and still felt familiar to his audience. We took a deep dive into who George is to extract all his values, beliefs, and character to infuse the visual identity with key elements that are familiar to his audience. George has a love for all things vintage, sports, American and retro. We combined a custom type with a mascot to create his visual identity. If you know George, you can see him in his branding.

Brand Identity Scope:

— Discovery & Strategy
— Logo, Typography & Color
— Illustration

Snapback MockUp.jpg
MrEats305_Color Palette.jpg

"No company I'd rather have redesigning my brand. The depths in which they dive to achieve the best possible product and align my vision is priceless. I will be back for more projects."

- George Arango, Mr.Eats305

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